Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Man Who Speaks For Himself

This man is Silvan Shalom. He has criticized the government for, and I quote, allowing the Ale-Yarok party to run in the elections.

Under Israeli law, all parties are allowed to run, unless they ‘oppose the goals of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state’. To my knowledge, the last time a party was banned it was for advocating Israel bomb it’s own Arab citizens (Kahane Hai). Even the Arab parties who advocate turning Israel under the warm, loving hand of the Shariat law are allowed to run – and yet, Silvan Shalom wants to ban Ale-Yarok because they are advocating… the legalization of marijuana.

He has continued to state that a war should be waged on all drugs, “regardless of type”, also stating “it starts with a cigarette and ends in heroin and cocaine.”

I can’t really add anything here. The man speaks for himself.


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