Monday, January 05, 2009

Uncomfortably Close

So I was coming home from college today and saw my entire street blocked off – police, firefighters, Army troops, the works. Naturally, I assumed that a rocket fell on my street and asked one of the soldiers where it hit – and was told it hit a 'kindergarten', with the guy pointing in the vague direction of my house. Nobody was injured, he said.

There is a kindergarten literally in front of my house. I assumed immediately this was the one hit and started making my way past the cops, spectators, and TV crews, while frenziedly calling all the house phones, trying to get to my father – I realized he wasn't directly injured, but I feared he might have had heart problems due to the events.

By the time I got closer to the end of the street Mom reached Dad's spare cell and it turned out he had slept right through the whole thing – and the rocket hit a different kindergarten a block away. It was empty – all of them are – so there were only ten people in psychological shock.



Blogger Eric Dondero said...

Stay safe. We Pro-Defense Libertarians in the States have been backing you all up 100%, and giving constant coverage to the conflict.

You can see our coverage at

We're fighting back against the "Surrender-tarians" who don't recognize the threat Islamo-Fascism presents to our liberties.

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Blogger MicroBalrog said...

Hi Eric. Can you please link to my site from yours?

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