Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Strikes, kids, and violent crime, Oh My!

So the highschool teachers are on strike, this being the 18th day (I believe).

Last night there were two terrible crimes. A 16-year-old Israeli Arab kid being stabbed to death, and a 13-year old girl dying out of alcohol poisoning and drug overdose after having sex many, many times with her two classmates. Obviously the parents claim this was an act of rape since Precious Daughter would never have agreed to have sex two guys at once. Obviously there's a huge media hoopla and the other kids are facing rape charges that can and WILL ruin their lives.

And, OF COURSE the media claimed that the school strike had something to do with this.

Except that - according to an official police press release on the matter, violent crime among highschool-age kids dropped 49% during the period of the strike. Sexual assault and rape – 90% drop.

So, if the idiots in charge of the media claimed the school strike was responsible for 'rising' crime rates, and if they claim it really does affect crime rates, will they now claim it is responsible for falling crime rates?

Oh wait. They are only stupid in one direction.


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