Monday, March 06, 2006

Their Faces

I promised to have images uploaded of the Meretz student meeting yesterday, and indeed I do.
So here I go.

Random lefty activist:

They accompanied Mrs. Gal'on throughout the event. Here's another one of her "guards"

Here's MK Gal'on herself:

The lady on the right is from HADASH, the communist party - she asked Gal'on whether she opposes the fashion industry. Naturally enough, Gal'on said - with PRIDE! - that indeed she does just that. Note the facial expression.

Our next specimen is this here fellow. He's an operative of the Labor party, accusing Gal'on of slandering the good name of the Labor party - "Why are you saying we are not the real left? SURE WE ARE!"

The next picture is of him arguing with the HADASH lady, accusing her, among other things, of killing the 'true communist movement'. Either way, I would like to point out that this lady was opposed to the fashion industry and it's promotion of a "certain kind of feminine beauty."- so how can I not post pictures of her and not point out she's a large-breasted blonde? :D

And, just for kicks:


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