Behind the Lines: Israeli Libertarian

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The rockets.

About Israel and the rocket attacks – I guess many of you want to know what really is going on. So, let me deal wih all the questions all of you must be asking right now.

So, first of all, I'm safe, and so is most of Israel. If you're south of Haifa (that's the little bump on the Israeli coast that you see on maps) then you're pretty much out of Hizbullah's missile range, and if you're not REALLY close to Gaza, you're out of the Palestinians' missile range, too (the ones in the West Bank don't have any rockets to speak of, or we'd be really screwed.)

Israeli society, in my opinion, is reacting rather well to the events – what this is doing to the Israeli population is turn it really patriotic, and really anti-left. There's now only 27% support for the disengagement plan – all the bad things that were predicted, by even the most extreme right came true. Rocket attacks on Ashkelon? Check. Karmiel? Check. Haifa? Check.

Still, the extremist left (Meretz and such) are still being their ugly self.

What's much worse is that business and factories have been almost paralyzed throughout the North, as people are advised not to go to work unless their workplaces are shielded. Many still refuse to go to work for fear of bombings, and businesses are losing millions (the government is debating extending a law to ban firing people who are absent from work due to the war).

In the Center (think of Tel-Aviv and the whereabouts) people are rallying to support the North – giving shelter to families who are fleeing the emergency, even putting them up in their own homes. Certain businessmen (like Gaidamak) are funding the construction of refugee camps for those who are leaving their homes in fear of the bombing

But outside the North, generally daily life has gone on. People go to work, party, have a life. We're not ALL living on a front line.