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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ron Paul Should be the Zionist Choice for US President

Ron Paul Should be the Zionist Choice for US President

by Shmuel Ben-Gad

He opposes US foreign aid to Israel.

Since the Six Day War, US presidents and presidential candidates have tended to speak of the US and Israel as great friends and allies. They have also tended to favor the shrinking of Israel's borders. This has reached a low point under the Bush administration, which is the first one to explicitly make its policy the establishment of an Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Thus, the US alliance with Israel has been a decidedly mixed blessing.

Israel receives military and financial assistance, and also some diplomatic support at the United Nations, but the US puts pressure on Israel to surrender parts of the homeland. Even worse, this relationship seems to foster a mentality of dependence amongst many Israelis who, it seems, cannot imagine Israel defying the United States in any major way

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Allanea versus Old Fat Ugly Bitch

So there I was in a bus, on the way to one of my jobs. In front of me [seats facing mine] were two really slutty-looking girls, maybe 17 years old, maybe less. And one of them had her feet up on the seat next to me [facing them].

So an Ugly Old Bitch [incredibly fat and ugly] comes up with a small crate of oranges. I kid you not. And the UOB starts whining and bitching and moaning loudly about the girl having had her feet up on the seat: “Oh you had your feet on the seat! It's terirble! I'm disgusted to sit on it now!” - she sat down on it and kept whining and whining and shouting. I'm not in favor of feet on chairs, but that was too much.

So I say, in the most polite tone I can muster: “Excuse me, ma'am, if you dislike sitting on that seat, perhaps I will get up and you will trade with me? I assure my seat is clean.”

She gets even angrier. “You...! Why did you interfere! Who asked you to speak? Who the hell asked you? Young people like you are why this country looks like that!”

I get angry. So I say with the most solemn and serious tone imaginable:

“I don't know about you, but I LOVE this Country and am PROUD of it. If you don't like The Country....” [ominous pause]

She shut up immediately, in mid-sentence. It was a marvel to behold.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Israel, the Gun-Lover's Paradise... or not?

According to the August, 2007 report of the Ministry of the Interior, the amount of firearms in civilian hands has been successfully reduced over last eight years.

From 301,243 guns in civilian hands in 1999 they
went to 214,751 guns in civilian hands in 2007.

Of these firearms, 127,811 are owned by corporations.
13,227 are on expired licenses.

I remind you all Israel has 7.1 million people. As such, assuming ever one of those guns is held by a person, less then 2% of our population are armed as civilians.

Do I need to explain how bad that is?