Thursday, March 09, 2006

Screw Denmark, here comes Israel

Does anybody remember the call of the Muslims for te Denmark government to do something about the EVIL, EVIL drawings of Mohammad because they offended their religious feelings?

Guess what, I suspect the Israeli government would have accomodated. Recently, Shinui has broadcasted a campaign message which involved seven religious Jews (attire and all) grabbing onto the ankles of a 'secular Jew's (no attire) to prevent him from walking. This was to symbolize the damage dones by the power of the religious lobby, and the fact that 'they' don't want 'you' to get to the voting booth and vote Shinui. A distasteful bit, I think, especially as some religious vote for Shinui and Hetz.

But what Judge Dorit Beinish did was worse.

She banned the broadcast of the ad, citing it 'offends the public emotion.'

What that means, I know not.

What I know is Shinui now broadcasts their stuff with the relevant scenes replaced with mere black frames - and it says it even better, IMHO.


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