Friday, April 14, 2006

Citizens Against Liberman.

There has been now a host of people who collected, and submitted to Ollmert, 300 signatures, urging him to abstain from including Liberman in the coalition. Among these people is leftist intellectual and writer Joshua Sobol. They claim, for no basis in fact that I know of, that Liberman wants to deny the right to vote to Arab-Israelis. Liberman, true, advocates an oath of fealty to Israel as obligatory to vote and to be elected, but this is (while it is wrong and I oppose it) – not the same as full-on racial discrimination. He has also repeatedly said he will give up that position in order to implement his other, comparatively sane reforms.

Now, to be clear: I oppose Liberman, and he's a crazy racist fuck.

But to say he's not a legitimate part of the political process – while the Shas party, which claims gays are sick people, the Kadima party, headed by the most corrupt idiots in Israeli society, the Labor party – with it's almost equal corruption and hatred of 'the rich' – are is unbelievable in it's hypocrisy.. How is Liberman worse then Shas?

Again: I did not vote for Liberman. Not will I vote for him in 2010, unless of course he ditches his racism.

Further I ask: Why should Ollmert consider the signatures of 300 people and not the votes of the dozens of thousands who voted for Liberman?

PS: The Yediot Ahronot article is here.,7340,L-3239748,00.html


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