Friday, April 07, 2006

Why I am not posting about the coalition forming.

First, a lot of the coalition comments are lies. A lot of party members, on all sides, are deliberately issuing false reports, or making moves deliberately planned to confuse their opponents, such as Labour's attempt to form a government led by Peretz. Since all parties have cadres of trained spinmeisters to produce false information, while the coalition talks themselves are secret – with little sources of true information, I see it pointless to comment on the situation.

Second, what really determines the situation in the country is the public mood. As of now, according to polls, the majority of the citizens of Israel want a bigger government. Only twenty-seven percent want less taxes and less government intervention.

Read it again: Twenty-seven percent.

And then tell me, how for the love of allmighty God can you expect this country to improve?


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