Monday, April 17, 2006

In the meanwhile, in Golani camp...

A total of 17 veteran Golani Brigade infantry soldiers, angered by a series of disciplinary an procedural moves within their unit, abandoned a northern border stronghold which faces Hezbollah troops, Army Radio said on Monday.

In what was described by Army Radio as a "mutiny," the 17 soldiers left the fortress after six of them underwent a disciplinary hearing for an incident in which one allegedly dumped shampoo on sleeping bags belonging to soldiers from a yeshivat hesder unit [which combines religious studies with army service].

The soldiers fled to the nearby town of Kiryat Shmona, where they hid in an abandoned structure, eluding senior brigade officers and other commanders for hours.

From Ha'aretz .

Yet again, Golani troops demonstrate their proclivity to obey discipline. Now, observe what those procedural moves where.

The radio said the protest was staged after the brigade commander, Colonel Tamir Yadai, had implemented regulations canceling many privileges previously accorded veteran soldiers within Golani...

Note here: These privilege are illegal in the first place. They involve veteran soldiers (that is, people nearing the end of their mandator service) abusing the younger troops and making them work for them. And they mutiny when this is is cancelled. well as forbidding them from singing certain songs traditionally sung by the unit's soldiers.

Just a little WTF moment for you.


This is not new to Golani.


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