Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is there no limit?

What now? What? Is there no depth of idiocy to which people will not descend? Is the human mind, the basic decency, not supposed to rebel at some point and scream: God, I'm not supposed to be doing this, this is stupid? Do not people have some form of shame?!

Now, as some of you may now, there's such a thing in the world as a PISA exam. It's an international exam taken by school children to compare the quality of the schools in different industrialised nations.One of these nations is Israel.

As you understand, the whole point of the exam is that it's taken in classes all over one's nation, with the young and innocent taking it with no preparation above what they normally study in school. Why? To test their normal school study levels.

So, the teachers in Israel, apparently having failed reading comprehension, claim that the students in Israel are not ready for this exam, and must receive additional instruction (yes, I am aware that this defeats the whole point). Of course, the teachers would receive overtime pay for this. They have started demanding this, and now they are on strike because all their attempts to get the Ministry of Education to go along have failed.

So they are now on strike – depriving the pupils of whatever instruction they get. And now they are even further outraged, and why?

Because the PISA exams will be taken in the various schools on different dates starting on April 23rd. Of course, they will be on strike – unless the eeeeevil Ministry of Education succeeds with it's lawsuit that would rule striking just on the day of the exam illegal and make the teachers actually work for a day, on pain of losing pay.

The teachers are now claiming that by doing this, the government had 'declared war on the teachers' union'.

Oh god! The outrageous concept that people actually work for their wages! For one whole day!

The union people have also added: “If these people win the lawsuit – God forbid – then we will find other ways to hurt them, if you know that I mean.”,7340,L-3241146,00.html


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