Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ron Paul Wins 2008 Primaries

This may sound strange to some people – McCain has the nomination almost completely locked up, and it seems Huckabee is angling for the VP slot. It is most likely, at this stage, that America is headed for a Hillary or a McCain Presidency, and it is completely unclear which is worse. Some people will argue Hillary is Satan. Others will argue McCain is Hitler. Both are valid, relevant points.

But I will argue Ron Paul can still win, even if he does not 'win'. In fact, in many senses, Ron Paul has already won. Even if he has a heart attack and dies today, Ron Paul will die victorious

Consider this: Never before had a libertarian candidate received so much grass-roots support, so many actual primary votes, so much money. Ron Paul raised more money in just one day than Badnarik had in his entire election cycle by an order of magnitude.

Ron Paul has made it so that quitting the UN, abolishing the income tax, the War on Drugs, and all gun control laws altogether weren't just things that people talk about in radical party meetings, but something that gets serious page space on Newsweek. By doing that alone, Ron Paul has triumphed.

Ron Paul's campaign staff was not prepared for the battle they fought. They came to run to just make a point, and they ended up drawn in a fight to win, and they couldn't manage it. But, again, Ron Paul has already won, and now – with the help of his valiant volunteers – can win something that McCain, Hillary, and their minions can never accomplish.

Restoring Constitutional order to America will not take one day, not even one decade. We have decades of long, hard work ahead of us. Ron Paul has said it again and again, and I am just repeating what he said.

If we want to make sure Ron Paul wins this – if we want to ensure liberty wins – then, no matter how disappointed we feel right now, we must not quit.

Yes, we believed Ron Paul was going to fly the X-wing up the thermal exhaust port of the Welfare State and blow it all to smithereens. But that was not going to happen, even had he won the Presidency.

If we want to win – if we want to live free, or at least have our children live free – then we must move immediately to capitalize on what we have done. We must use the mailing lists of the people who were active and who donated in the Campaign to raise money for the cause of liberty, and to organize events of various kinds for libertarian causes even after the campaign – just like the Goldwater people did with his donor lists after he lost the election.

We must utilize the organizational capital and the political momentum gained by this campaign to build connections between the various wings of the freedom movement. Those who gained positions within the GOP must remain there, to continue pulling the party in the right direction. Those who made signs, stood at street corners, canvassed, must now make signs, stand at street corners, and canvas for the various mini-Ron Pauls that are now beginning to run.

Join the GOA. Join the JPFO. Join the HSLDA. Remain active.

Do not allow the minor and superficial loss of this campaign get you out of activism. If that happens, Hillary and McCain truly win.

Remember, Ron Paul – and freedom – won in this primary cycle, and with your help, they will win again



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