Sunday, April 30, 2006

Daniel Doron Speaks

fPro-market reforms weren't defeated on March 28
Originally published in Wed 26 Apr 2006 in The Jerusalem Post

Commentators and pundits claim that the Likud’s election defeat signifies a rejection of Binyamin Netanyahu’s pro-market reforms and the embrace of the socialist policies of Amir Peretz’s Labor Party.

Nothing of the sort. While the formation of a Kadima-Labor coalition will most probably result in the adoption of some of Labor’s disastrous economic policies, the predominant reason for the election results has been, as usual, a concern with the Arab-Israeli conflict and much less with economic issues.

You can read the rest here.

I doubt this greatly though. If pro-market candidates could win elections in Israel, the pro-market opinion would be so much more noticeable in this country. I mean... does Israel even look like it has a pro-market majority?


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