Sunday, May 07, 2006

Things you did not know (nor wanted to) about the Israeli Economy.

  1. Prices for several Key Products are not set by the evil free market but rather by the Benign Regulatory state. This is why bread in Israel is significantly more expensive then in such an Evil Capitalist Country as the United States.
  2. Recently, the new Labor-Kadima government, which cares about you, raised the price of bread 7%.
  3. While any of the two above is retarded, the actual dialogue durin the Knesset debates of this is priceless. My translation follows:

Opening Comittee Chairman Statement: "I would like to note that the raise is not enough and te Cabinet would like to raise the bread prices by 15% more due to the rise in fuel prices."

MK Shaul Ya'halom: (3 minutes later) "I implore you - before it is too late - cancel this edict. If the government needs to raise prices, raise the prices on fuel ."
MK Ya'ir Peretz: "I join with MK Ya'halom's suggestion. If the government were smart, it's increase the fuel prices more instead of the bread."

I kid you not. Actual text of discussion.


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