Monday, May 08, 2006

Elsewhere, in saner countries...

National group honors councilman (IndyStar)

Scott Keller, a Republican City-County Council member, received an award in Washington last weekend for his sponsorship of the city's human rights ordinance.

The ordinance bans discrimination in the workplace and housing market based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Log Cabin Republicans, a national organization supporting equality for gays, gave him its Heartland Hero Award for courageous work in organizing a campaign that persuaded four council members to switch their vote last December.

The news release from the group noted that Keller received several death threats during the debate and after the ordinance passed. Several police officers volunteered to guard his home, it said.

Not to worry -- the gun enthusiast can protect himself.

"As a Republican and a certified firearms instructor, I believe in the Second Amendment," Keller told the group. "I have a .357 Magnum. If they don't get me on the first shot, they won't have a chance to take a second shot."


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