Monday, May 08, 2006


His first act as Prime Minister was to allow a small amount of Palestinian workers into Israel. Fine by me.

His second act? To start a program guaranteeing every officer in the IDF starting with a rank of Major would be issued a personal car. This is at a time the total government budget is estimated to be 281.4 billion New Israeli Shekels per year.

In the meanwhile, the Minister of Education (also a Labor member) is expanding the school feeding program whereby children at the schools are given free food courtesy of the and the Government's Glorious Subcontractors.

Does nobody REMEMBER what happened to the limited feeding program where the food was provided courtesy of subcontractors that were members of the Likud Center (i.e., our equivalent of the National Party committee)? Does anybody think that this will result in anything other then more graft, yet more graft, and horrible food? Has anybody in Israel not eaten food made by the government during the Army? Why the hell do we have to subject everybody's children to it?

But I should not complain. This was the obvious result of appointing Labor socialists to two of the most wasteful offices in the land.


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