Tuesday, May 16, 2006

High Court of Injustice

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So, the yesterday the Israeli Supreme Court has upheld restrictions on marriage. Not on gay marriage, as you may think but on marriage between Israelis and Palestinians. As you may or may not know, there are Arabs in Israel – not in the Territories – who hold Israeli citizenships. In past years, many Palestinians have married some of those Arabs, and received Israeli citizenships – just like you would if you married an Israeli. Now, the legislators went and did something about it – and now, Iraqis, Americans, Cambodians may receive a citizenship in the Jewish state by marrying an Israeli, but Palestinians cannot. Naturally, people appealed. And what do you think the court said?

Let me quote a foreign newspaper:

In a minority opinion, Chief Justice Aharon Barak argued that the law should be overturned because security concerns should not take precedence over basic civil rights.

But the majority opinion, led by Justice Mishael Cheshin, contended that “the benefit it (the law) brings to the security and lives of the residents of Israel outweighs the harm it causes to some citizens of Israel."

What can I say about Hashin (that's the right spelling of his name) other then what he said about himself?

Also, to the supporters' of Aharon Barak's "activist judiciary" doctrine (which he himself openly endorses: How does it feel to be lying there, with your own boot on your neck?


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