Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Details about the People's Army


This link here is to the blog of a right-wing extremist Hazit supporter. Read with caution. Since it's in Russian, I will translate the main bits – the person's account of his Miluim (reserve) service. Many of this I can confirm for having served a part of my enlisted service in the same base.

Italic is translated.

  1. Super Army

The bureaucracy and the total relaxation make it so we can only assemble an APC/IFV and enough crew after half a day at least – and that despite us having the personall cell numbers of all the relevant officers and staff.

  1. Hen

He is the commander of the reserve company. I have never spoken to him, but he's been there for five years.

This summer our Own Army kicked him out of his home in Netzarim.


  1. The Beduins.

The Beduins have lost all shame, and are happily driving through the fire testing zone on jeeps and ATVs. They wear partly Army uniforms, steal what they can. They keep waving at us, the bastards.

[racism omitted- Allanea]

All of this, thievery apart, also blocks the exercises – there's civilians in the fire zone of tanks and artyllery.

  1. There's few left, but...

The reservists are special – mostly volunteers defacto. Statistics say only 5-10% of the enlisted to draft service actually are reservists.

The Contact Officer admitted to me only 60% of the battalion are heard from in any way. The others are soldiers on paper alone...

I haven't written it. A militarist patriot Army-loving guy had. You judge the 'professionality of the IDF' from this.


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