Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More from the Court of Injustice

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In today’s ruling, the High Court of Injustice has ruled that Israeli firms are not to be allowed to advertise their products on foreign television channels that broadcast into the Jewish State. The court ruling, translate from Hebrew by yours truly, reads in part:

“RTVi has illegitimately exploited funding that was intended for the appropriate channels, and thus prevented their arrival to the cause of guaranteeing proper quality broadcasts even to sectors that are not represented in general media due to the existing market failure.”

The lawsuit was prepared by Channel 9, which is a Russian Israeli news channel which does exist, despite what the Court ruled above.

Amazingly, the owner of RTVi – the American-based anti-Putinist media company you may have heard of – is now going to be paying Channel 9 restitution because he has evilly exploited the funds of the Israeli companies. Further, the government will also be paying restitution to RTVi because of allowing the Evil Free Market to proceed with this.

The Cable and Sattelite Council – our FCC – has hailed the decision, “hoping that the legislators will provide them with tools to enforce the ruling.”

You understand, the court didn’t actually rule this basing on existing law or anything. Just general ‘we think it should be so’. Even the Israeli regulators have actually ruled previously that this is LEGAL.

Welcome to the Jewish State, citizen! Move along! Move along!


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